Other Computer Logos

0329amdlogos.zip (86K)Amd Logos , 86K , Bob Griffith , W S
For people, who Love their AMD K6-2 processor as much as I do (The wait and shutdown logos are not AMD specific, and are worth the download themselves (XrX))
0142ssi.zip (3K)SSI , 3K ,
Strategic Simulations Inc - neon style
0282c64loader.zip (3K)C64 Loader , 3K ,
updated for windows 98
0243voodoo3.zip (38K)Voodoo3 , 38K , kLy
logo, animated bar
0134imacgirl.zip (302K)iMac Girl , 302K , Randy Tjahjono
Animated logo featuring the iMac girl and the iMac.
0014explorer95.zip (11K)Internet Explorer , 11K , Dennis Luck
Windows 95 Startup Logo
0032earthtn.zip (40K)Earth tones , 40K , Eric Murphy
Standard Startup Logo
0026cyrix686.zip (104K)Cyrix 686 , 104K , , W S
version of the standard Win 95 Logos
0025win31logo.zip (6K)Windows 3.1 , 6K ,
style startup logo for Windows 95, Window Logo Panes are animated
0024mmxlogo.zip (44K)MMX , 44K , Tomás Herranz Medina
Technology Inside
0023logomac.zip (48K)Mac Style Startup Logo , 48K , Katsuji ISOBE & Yoko YAHAGI , W S
Includes English and Japanese Versions
0021gates.zip (20K)Creating Windows , 20K , Unknown
A person painting a windows logo using an apple as the model

Apr 3, 2006