Cartoon Logos (18K)Superman , 18K , Ricardo , W S
in fury(red eyes) (177K)AIKa.sys , 177K , , W S
AIKa logos. Has characters From the Anime series AIKa. AIKa VHS #1 with a red and Dark red animated bar at the bottom of screen. (76K)Tenchi Startup Logo 2 , 76K , Scott Coleman
Tenchi Muyo! / Animated bar at the bottom (132K)RU Ready , 132K , Mr. Gimpster , W S
Animated startup logo of an 'Anime' girl with animated text. (209K)Lightning , 209K , Mr. Gimpster , W S
Animated startup logo of an 'Anime' Girl with animated lightning and text. (25K)Marvin's Famous Quote , 25K ,
Marvin the Martian: "Where's the KABOOM?, there was supposed to be an Earth shattering KABOOM!" A must for any Marvin enthusiast! (31K)Simpsons , 31K ,
The Simpsons sit on the sofa (as usual). Text and TV Screen are animated (248K)Tintin , 248K , Randy Tjahjono , W S
the famous reporter and his loyal dog, Snowy (219K)Winnie the Pooh , 219K , Randy Tjahjono , W S
and his friends (142K)Calvin & Hobbes , 142K , Randy Tjahjono , W S
of cartoon fame (7K)Wile E. Coyote , 7K , Cecil W. Kincaid
from Road Runner Fame (Holding Up yet another sign) (17K)Bill the Cat , 17K , Timothy W. Fink
Of Bloom County Fame, animated bar (34K)Marvin the Martian , 34K , Cecil W. Kincaid
Animated Background (103K)Taz , 103K , Ales Jamsek , W S
Warner Bros Character (16K)Tiny Toons , 16K , Tom Frazer
Babs & Buster Bunny (12K)Homer 3D , 12K , Ryan Yates
I feel like im spending a fortune just standing here, wording animated (225K)Q2frag , 225K , , W S
startup (animated bar) Q2 frags (kills). (59K)Ultraman Fist , 59K , TJNaylor
. (12K)HammerFall , 12K ,
Group HammerFall from Gothenburg, Sweden! (36K)Mortal Kombat , 36K , Paul C. Romkes
Movie logo with animated bar. (79K)Gobble.sys , 79K ,
Humerous Thanksgiving startup logo (36K)bismart , 36K , Adeel Naseer
bismillah with animated background. (53K)ultraman , 53K , TJNaylor
ultraman morphing (108K)South Park 3D , 108K , Cyborg (J.R.) , W S
Rendered 3D Logos (273K)Gunsmith Cats , 273K , Brim Stone , W S
Anime Gunsmith Cats with animated Windows 95 or Windows 98. (57K)The Simpsons , 57K , Jim Forrest
Marges hair, and the stripe on Homers shirt are animated (83K)Lion King , 83K , Elizabeth Farmer
scene with animated words 'Hakuna Matata' (7K)Bart Simpson , 7K , Richard Jones
Windows 95 'Underachiever'

Apr 3, 2006