Television Logos (6K)Bewitched , 6K , Glenn Smith
Bewitched cartoon with sparkling stars. (188K)Beastwars: 'Dinobot' , 188K , Jonathan Sattelberger , W S
File includes Startup/Shutdown Screens, for a hero that has saved man kind. (196K)Elvira , 196K , Mr. Gimpster , W S
Animated startup logo of Elvira the Mistress of the Dark. (31K)Simpsons , 31K ,
The Simpsons sit on the sofa (as usual). Text and TV Screen are animated (16K)Tiny Toons , 16K , Tom Frazer
Babs & Buster Bunny (12K)Homer 3D , 12K , Ryan Yates
I feel like im spending a fortune just standing here, wording animated (108K)South Park 3D , 108K , Cyborg (J.R.) , W S
Rendered 3D Logos (67K)Gillian Anderson , 67K , Doug Boone
of X-Files fame (18K)Dawsons Creek , 18K , David Wiyono
Stars of the show surrounded by flickering stars (38K)K.I.T.T. , 38K , Sascha Vogelgesang
car from Knight Rider 2000, with animated flashbar (21K)X-Files , 21K ,
Trust No One fades in and out (9K)Twilight Zone , 9K , Greg Ellis
title with flashing stars (59K)Sliders , 59K , Itai O. Inselberg
Animated Bar and Wording (8K)X-Files , 8K , GWIIIX
Trust No One fades in and out (37K)X-Files , 37K , Unknown
Green light passes down the X (43K)X-Files , 43K , Gary Phillips
background animated (17K)X-Files , 17K , Dariush Faghani
Animated X's across the bottom of the image (57K)The Simpsons , 57K , Jim Forrest
Marges hair, and the stripe on Homers shirt are animated (27K)MTV , 27K , Imad Muhammad
News Logo, animated bar and 'M' (53K)Vorlon Space Ship , 53K , Kendall Davis
With planet in the background, the text is animated (7K)Bart Simpson , 7K , Richard Jones
Windows 95 'Underachiever'

Apr 3, 2006