Holiday Logos (12K)Valentine , 12K , Lesa Motz
hearts in red metallic (10K)Wreath , 10K , Lesa Motz
Animated 'wreath' and border in reds and greens (12K)Seasons Greetings , 12K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of "Seasons Greetings" in reds and greens (7K)Merry Christmas , 7K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation "Merry Merry" text and xmas trees. in Red and Green (12K)Merry Christmas , 12K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of "Merry Christmas" and abstract xmas trees. Done in metallic greens (14K)Fourth of July , 14K , Lesa Motz
stars in red, white and blue (11K)Canada Day , 11K , Lesa Motz
red and silver (81K)Christmas Winter , 81K , Roberto Zingales
scene with animated falling snow. Contains two versions (21K)Christmas Card , 21K , Lesa Motz
Animated snowballs falling off roof, dogs wagging tail, and twinkling stars (22K)Poinsettias , 22K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of poinsettias in Christmas colors (143K)Santa , 143K , , W S
with Two Snowmen and Two candy cains. Animation added to the candy canes (99K)Christmas Village Scene , 99K , Roberto Zingales
Made in December 1996 in Catania (99K)Santa , 99K , Joshua Garrison
December 1996. Catania (Italy) (24K)Christmas Lights , 24K , Joshua Garrison , W
Flickering (9K)Snow Scene , 9K , Bill Fischer
from 1985 Animated Christmas Card, excellent quality, Converted by Bill Fischer from an original Amiga animation (14K)Christmas Postmark , 14K , Karl McMurdo
This was the first logo I created, the north pole turns. This one started out as clipart, was converted to a BMP then animated. (49K)Xmas Tree , 49K , Ben Elliss
Illuminated Christmas tree in the dark, against background of animated falling snow (79K)Gobble.sys , 79K ,
Humerous Thanksgiving startup logo (22K)Spiders , 22K , Lesa Motz
Halloween spiders wander in and say "BOO!" (22K)Skull , 22K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation with Skull and Halloween text (3K)Hearts , 3K , Lesa Motz
Valentine Animation (21K)Valentine , 21K , Lesa Motz
full screen animation (43K)July 4th , 43K , Lesa Motz
'America, Happy July 4th' with plasma style animation for a background (17K)USA , 17K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation, stars and stripes in red, white and of course blue (17K)Maple Leaf , 17K , Lesa Motz
Full Screen Animation of White Maple Leafs (4K)Canadian Flag , 4K , Lesa Motz
Full Screen Animation of the Maple Leaf (17K)Fireworks , 17K , Lesa Motz
One of the better fireworks startup logos I've seen (12K)Cauldron , 12K ,
Halloween Startup Logo of Witches and Cauldron (58K)Witches 98 , 58K , Ben Ellis , W S
logo set, animated windows and cats eyes.

Apr 3, 2006