Nature Logos (151K)Animals , 151K , Bernard Lam , W S
Cow with animated bar start logo, penguins featured in the wait and shutdown logos (12K)Autumn , 12K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of "autumn" and tree in oranges and browns (10K)Winter , 10K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of "winter" and tree in blues and whites (12K)Summer , 12K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of "Summer" and tree in greens and yellows (12K)Spring , 12K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation of "Spring" and tree in pinks and greens (12K)Fish Pond , 12K , Lesa Motz
animation of fish in a pond... (in blue tones) (21K)Water Drops , 21K , Lesa Motz
falling on leaves, and into a pond creating ripples in the pond, and excellent example of what can be done with palette animation (11K)Winter Birds , 11K , Lesa Motz
animation of flying birds ... (winter colors) (556K)Earth , 556K , Ralf Hofmann
Several earthglobes with moving oceans (52K)Labrador , 52K , rICK
Win98 Logo with backdrop of a 3D lake generated with Vue D'Esprit 2 (17K)Snakes , 17K , Lesa Motz
Water snakes in a pond, snakes wander around the pond (6K)Moon , 6K , Lesa Motz
Moon at sunset with bamboo, Sky darkens to allow moon to become visible then lightens making moon disappear again (68K)Mountain , 68K , Chris Friedrichs
snow capped peak with animated bar (259K)Cloud , 259K , Peng , W S
photograph, with Windows 98 text (87K)Coke Bear , 87K , Karl McMurdo
holding a bottle of Coke, bubbles rise in the bottle (45K)W95 Fish , 45K , Randy Tjahjono
Copyright 1996 Yerdon Records, Inc. Created by Joseph Dindinger (84K)Mountain Stream , 84K , Hawood Giles
from Colorado Rockies, water animated (11K)Lightning Storm , 11K , Tom Frazer
over city (80K)Parasaur , 80K , Cecil W. Kincaid
animated bar at bottom (52K)Clouds , 52K , Karl McMurdo
Plain Cloud Logo with animated bar at bottom (pink) (109K)Lone Poppy , 109K , Karl McMurdo
animated bar at bottom of screen (This is the sample used on instruction page.) (7K)Twinkling Stars , 7K , Virginia Engebretson (15K)Frog , 15K , Cecil W. Kincaid
with animated border (22K)Splash , 22K , Dennis Luck
Windows 95 text over water ripple background, animated arrow bar (88K)Desert Scene , 88K , Dennis Luck
with Windows 98 text (31K)Earth 98 , 31K , Stefan
Windows 98 logo with Earth in the background, animated bar (39K)Winter 98 , 39K , Ben Elliss
text and window image, against animated background of falling snow, beneath moon and between snow-covered trees

Apr 3, 2006