Other Misc. Logos

0283skull.zip (5K)Skull , 5K ,
Full animation of rotating skull.
0269rosyskinofspring.zip (31K)Rosy Skin of Spring , 31K , Dylan Rush
Animated revolving verse
0261sojurn.zip (58K)Sojurn , 58K , Lessell Gibbs
and lander on Mars
0260m109.zip (73K)M109 , 73K , Lessell Gibbs
self propelled howitzer
0259sam.zip (46K)SAM , 46K , Lessell Gibbs
Anti-Aircraft Fire
0255ah64apache.zip (58K)AH-64 Apache , 58K , Lessell Gibbs
0252hitchhiker.zip (63K)Hitchhiker , 63K ,
gets a ride for a trucker as sun goes down, watch for suns heat rays.
0247smile.zip (8K)Smile , 8K , Matthew Churcher , W S
Smiley Face the background colour changes. Similar to the Nick jr. Face.
0240babybirdy.zip (26K)Baby Birdy , 26K ,
Fullscreen fades to photo-negative, and back.
0141playbny2.zip (5K)playbny2 , 5K ,
playboy logo - WWW ad with WIN98 text
0140playbny1.zip (5K)playbny1 , 5K ,
playboy logo - neon style
0138evil.zip (28K)Evil , 28K ,
warning sign & some pictures
0131demonic.zip (37K)Demonic , 37K , Pulv3rizA
Original demon designed by
0009globes.zip (11K)3D Globes , 11K , Lesa Motz
all animated
0008blocks.zip (13K)3D Blocks , 13K , Lesa Motz
with all sides animated
0006usa.zip (17K)USA , 17K , Lesa Motz
Full screen animation, stars and stripes in red, white and of course blue
0005mapleleaf.zip (17K)Maple Leaf , 17K , Lesa Motz
Full Screen Animation of White Maple Leafs
0004canada.zip (4K)Canadian Flag , 4K , Lesa Motz
Full Screen Animation of the Maple Leaf
0003firewks.zip (17K)Fireworks , 17K , Lesa Motz
One of the better fireworks startup logos I've seen
0002litehouse.zip (6K)Light House , 6K , Lesa Motz
beacon light rotates and relects off the water
0097nukeit.zip (284K)Nuke It! , 284K , Brim Stone , W S
Atom Bomb test photos with animated radiation!
0095shuttle.zip (265K)NASA Space Shuttle , 265K , Brim Stone , W S
photos with animated rocket exhaust includes separate Win95 and Win98 versions
0070knight.zip (4K)Knight , 4K , Christiaan van der Kloet
Animated logo of L.Duin-Agenturen
0068dodgeviper.zip (58K)Dodge Viper , 58K , Steve Pieper
doing a burnout
0067netgoth.zip (8K)Net.Goth , 8K , Wesley Whitworth
animated startup logo for all the gothic people online
0065vanessaparadis.zip (198K)Vanessa Paradis , 198K , Wohlgemuth , W S
logo set, startup logo has animated bar above text.
0064marines.zip (78K)Marines , 78K , Michal PMP POLAK
in a zodiak, animated bar
0060rcmp.zip (111K)RCMP , 111K , , W S
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Logo
0013splash95.zip (22K)Splash , 22K , Dennis Luck
Windows 95 text over water ripple background, animated arrow bar

Apr 3, 2006