Highlander Logos

0212hlring.zip (5K)H.L. Ring , 5K ,
This is the logo for the Highlander Web Ring. Animation added to the ring.
0211duncan4.zip (61K)Duncan , 61K ,
holding the Crystal Necklace of Amanda/Rebecca's just before he fight's Luther
0210duncan2.zip (27K)Duncan , 27K ,
receiving the Quickening, and the lighting from the Quickening spells out the word HIGHLANDER
0209duncan.zip (26K)Adrian Paul , 26K ,
from Highlander the series, animation in the fight scene to give it that...Quickening effect
0208srdlgo1.zip (27K)Sword , 27K ,
This is the MacLeod sword from the first Highlander movie, animated lighting bolts to give it that Quickening effect
0207hllogo.zip (10K)Highlander Logo , 10K ,
with animated lighting
0206wsymbol.zip (6K)Watcher Symbol , 6K ,
0205wtxt.zip (8K)Watcher Logo , 8K ,
with Rune style text spelling 'We Are Watching'
0204wrunes.zip (8K)Watcher Logo , 8K ,
with Runes spelling 'We are Watching'
0057highland.zip (58K)Quickening , 58K , Merrick Fonnesbeck
From the Highlander

Apr 3, 2006