Other Sci-Fi Logos

0317theweirdwokarlogo.zip (14K)The Weird Wokar Logo , 14K , Christoph Walker
I like to play a little techno music with my computer, a sampler and some other stuff. This is my artist logo in an animated version. The .gif version is available on my website.
0281starscroller.zip (14K)Star Scroller , 14K ,
Animated stars around 3D 'loading'
0261sojurn.zip (58K)Sojurn , 58K , Lessell Gibbs
and lander on Mars
0199vorlon.zip (53K)Vorlon Space Ship , 53K , Kendall Davis
planet in the background, the text is animated
0135ultramanfist.zip (59K)Ultraman Fist , 59K , TJNaylor
0126ultraman.zip (53K)ultraman , 53K , TJNaylor
ultraman morphing
0108space98.zip (13K)Space98 , 13K ,
Space ship and windows 98 text
0063gilliananderson.zip (67K)Gillian Anderson , 67K , Doug Boone
of X-Files fame
0222lostufo.zip (38K)UFO , 38K ,
that's just a little lost. the road sign says "NEXT EXIT 20,000 LIGHT YEARS"
0221xfilestrust.zip (35K)X-Files , 35K , Mikael Swärd , W S
Trust No One
0220scifivortex.zip (7K)Sci-Fi Vortex , 7K ,
This is the logo for Sci-Fi Vortex on the Sci-Fi chanel. Animation has been added to the S & F.
0219aliencamp.zip (29K)Alien Stranded , 29K ,
on a planet. He is watching the an unusual light display in the sky
0218blackhole.zip (16K)Outer Space , 16K , Hawood Giles
black hole
0217roboteye.zip (22K)Robot , 22K ,
with animated eye
0216lisrobot.zip (35K)Robot , 35K ,
from Lost in Space, blinking lights animation
0215tardis.zip (34K)Tardis , 34K ,
from Dr. Who, light on top animated
0214hal9000.zip (75K)Hal 9000 , 75K , , W S
Hals Camera
0213halhello.zip (10K)Hal 9000 , 10K ,
with animated text spelling out "Hello Dave. How Do You Feel Today?"
0203stargate.zip (13K)Stargate , 13K , Tom Frazer
Ship Takes off and Explodes above Planet
0202jumpgate.zip (19K)Junpgate , 19K , Tom Frazer
from Babylon 5
0201cylon.zip (56K)Cylon , 56K , Chris Pappas
From Battlestar Galactica, Eye is animated
0200vorlon2.zip (95K)Vorlon Ship , 95K , Ryan Black
Animated Ship Surface
0056vorlon.zip (53K)Vorlon Space Ship , 53K , Kendall Davis
With planet in the background, the text is animated

Apr 3, 2006