Add Bar Utility


  1. Installing the program at this point only requires the capability to extract a ZIP archive, my preference for doing so under Windows 95 is WinZip.
  2. Extract the files to the directory where you want the program installed.
  3. Now add the program to your Start Menu.
  4. That's it, your ready to run the program.

Application Window:

When you first run the program, and occasionally when you run it in the future the first thing you'll see is the About box:

You will then be presented with the main window, in this window press the Load button and you will be given a file selection dialog like the one below with an image preview.

Select the file you want to use (I've selected Pelican.jpg) then click Open

You will then be presented with the file load options dialog.

Note the black bars around the image, this is because the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' and 'Leave Room For Bar ' options are selected.  I didn't want this so I deselected them, with the effect showing in the preview immediately.

Then click OK to Load the image.

At this point you can save the logo, or install it without adding a bar, I use this on occasion to get an image that is the correct size and color depth as the first step to creating a different style of logo by hand.

Or you can click the Add Bar button to open the add bar dialog.

There are three ways to set the colors you want to use for the bar, the first is to edit the Red, Green and Blue values directly.  The second, accessed by clicking the '...' portion of the button to the right of the color, is to select the color using a standard system color dialog.  The third, accessesed by clicking the Down Arrow portion of the button to the right of the color allows you to select a color from the current image (This function is new in version 2.2)

As you move your cursor over the image, the color to the left of the button will change to the color under the cursor.  To use that color left click the image.  To cancel the color selection, right click the image.

The << and >> buttons select the direction that the bar will move.

When you click apply, the image will have the bar added to it.

Now you can Save the logo or install it, if you choose to install the logo you will be prompted for what type of logo to install.

Note that 'Please Wait' and 'Shutdown' logo are NOT animated so adding a bar to these logos is a bit pointless.

Logo I created for these instructions is available for download (Zipped) Here, and the original file (pelican.jpg) is available Here.

The original file is a bit fuzzy, but I had less than 10 seconds to get the lens cap off the camera, get it turned on, frame the image, focus it and shoot the picture when I saw the pelican coming in so all in all it's not too bad.


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