Animated Logo Utility
Version Information

To determine what version you are running, right click on XRXLOGO.EXE in the windows explorer then select Properties... The Version tab in the properties window has version and copyright information. Later versions also have the version number on the info page.

Version Date Change 12/8/2001 Registered Version minor change in contact information URL (Contact XrX Computer Applications for Upgrade Information)
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12/8/2001 Updated web link information on About tab, MAJOR updates to included XrX Logo Screen Saver, and updated Shareware expiry date. 12/11/99 Registered Version minor change in web page URL (Contact XrX Computer Applications for Upgrade Information) 12/05/99 Registered Version. 12/05/99 Updated web link information on About tab, fixed minor memory leak, and updated Shareware expiry date to 2002 12/28/98 New logo install routine added (Can now handle Compressed C: drives, and will install Start, Wait or Shutdown Logos) 03/28/98 Bug Fix release, corrects a problem with bitmap resizing. 12/09/97 Interim release, contains some of the code from the upcoming version 3 to correct a problem with bitmap resizing, and speed up a couple routines.
2.03.028 11/01/97 Minor Bug Fixes, problem introduced in new logo validation routine corrected, and a bug in the handling of non-looping logos.
2.03.027 01/07/97 Total rewrite of logo validation routine, can now read RLE encoded files for both mask and normal logos. Decodes the input file to full RGB size in memory, and saves valid RGB format files. Error messages on file loading now a bit more informative (only gives first error found, but that should be enough) Will now handle BMP's that are short of full size, or do not include all 256 colors in their palette, if the image is 8bit, the palette will be expanded to 256 colors, if the image is short, it will be padded out with the background color. A side effect of this is that masks can be stored as RLE encoded files (much smaller) and still be used, the actual logos must be RGB, because RLE encoded files are not recognised at boot time.
2.03.012 01/02/97 Corrections to palette tool update routine.
2.03.011 12/31/96 Cleared Version Expiry Message in Shareware Version.
2.03.009 12/19/96 A Second type of logo mask added.
2.03.007 12/17/96 Logo Masking Added Back in, seems to actually work.
2.03.006 11/01/96 Oops Fix, I forgot to remove the Beta Expiry Message, it's gone now.
2.03.005 10/29/96 Reorder Page Tabs (Forgot to set main page to start)
2.03.004 10/28/96 Bug Fix, problem with moving palette entries corrected.
2.03.003 10/20/96 Bug fix, a problem was found with the reverse routine, also a help file has now been added.
2.03.001 10/15/96 Shareware Release
2.02.088 10/14/96 Added print option from registration screen.
2.02.069 10/14/96 Palette Tool seems to be working correctly now.
2.02.020 10/01/96 Added Palette manipulation tool.
2.02.015 09/29/96 Added registration information form.
2.02.001 09/23/96 Yet another public release, figured the major addition of another page, and assasination of the flicker bug deserved an new minor number. Expect registration info in the next version.
2.01.251 09/22/96 Added an about page, the info page was to crowded, and large fonts were causing a problem.
2.01.243 09/19/96 The same fix for the small version flicker problem also works for full screen animation, it's slow but it works.
2.01.241 09/18/96 The flicker bug is dead, long live the animation!!
2.01.239 09/17/96 Attempted Flicker Fix (didn't work)
2.01.236 09/13/96 Another public release, available in a straight executable version or a full installation package with uninstall capabilities.
2.01.233 09/13/96 Stuck the saved info in the system registry rather than an INI file. (The INI File was a real temp item)
2.01.230 09/13/96 Fixed version retrieval (wasn't displaying right)
2.01.226 09/13/96 Changed back and forth code, still haven't got it right, goes too far on one end.
2.01.223 09/13/96 The splash screen now displays longer on first run of each day, I wanted a longer display, but not all the time.
2.01.219 09/08/96 Added a splash screen.
2.01.217 09/03/96 Directory Logo Loaded from now saved between sessions.
2.01.214 08/28/96 Got rid of fixed date expiry, this is STILL a beta, it now annoys people (sorry)
2.01.206 08/27/96 Added border indicating boot border color.
2.01.199 08/19/96 Added Hot Link to EMail and Web Page if system is capable.
2.01.196 08/17/96 Added Drag and Drop from Explorer
08/15/96 Added Version number info to Info Screen and corrected expiry info.
2.01.194 08/15/96 Fixed bug on failed file load, occasionally the file would actually load even though the file format was wrong.
2.01.193 08/15/96 Added saftey feature to save, can not overwrite non-logo file.
2.01.192 08/14/96 Changed Logo validation coding to handle bitmaps with non-standard header.
2.01.187 08/14/96 Fixed bug that on certain systems would make cursor disappear.
2.01.184 08/13/96 Second BETA Release.
2.00.176 08/13/96 Added No Loop Option to handle second type of startup animation.
2.00.170 08/13/96 Added Warning on Install Selection, Compressed install STILL not working.
2.00.167 08/13/96 Added 'Saving...' display with minimum time on screen so that the user knows something has happened.
2.00.157 08/12/96 Dropped Logo Resize and Masking for the time being.
2.00.132 08/12/96 Added Date Saved to Logo Information
2.00.120 08/09/96 Added experimental logo resize routine, quality is pretty poor.
2.00.109 08/08/96 OK Finally there are Save and Save As options. Also added palette reversal routine to save options.
2.00.101 08/02/96 Added Logo Masking, read animation from another logo file.
2.00.98 08/01/96 Added routine to determine if drive C: is compressed. The install routine is disabled if it is. (I will get it figured out one of these days)
2.00.79 07/24/96 Added Author and description information, this will eventually only be changeable by the actual author.
2.00.61 07/22/96 Logo can now be sent on command line.
2.00.55 07/19/96 Added logo verification, this checks the header of the selected file to confirm size and format of bitmap.
2.00.34 07/18/96 Found and fixed bug in palette display, loading a second logo destroyed palette.
2.00.21 06/22/96 Added Full Screen Preview (Double Click on Logo) can't get animation working full screen, too much flashing.
2.00.15 05/17/96 Added an install option, this may not work on machines that have a compressed drive C:
2.00.12 04/28/96 Animation now done using Memory Streams, no temporary files needed.
2.00.1 04/27/96 Slaved Startup Options Window to main window.
2.00.0 04/14/96 Switched to Delphi 32, no more runtime files. Total change to interface, animation number now number of colors to animate rather than starting point. The preview mode in this version is smaller.
1.2.7 01/18/95 First Beta Release!!!!
1.2.6 01/17/95 Added labels for Source and Target File Fields
1.2.5 01/17/95 Fixed the defaults on first run before registry setup.
1.2.4 01/15/95 Moved the TEMP file to the proper (TEMP) directory, before it showed up in the current working directory.
1.2.3 01/15/95 Modified file selection code so the Bitmap isn't opened until something is done with it, and it is closed as soon as possible, this allows editing the source file, and testing without closing the Animated Logo Utility.
1.2.2 01/12/95 Added code to save the last used settings to the registry.
1.2.1 01/12/95 Tried adding a 'DoEvents' line to the animation loop to get better response from other programs (Not much of a change so dropped it.)
1.2.0 01/10/95 Fixed a bug that resulted in an output file 400 bytes bigger than it was supposed to be.
1.1.5 01/09/95 Added Source Filename to the Title Bar of the Animation Screen.
1.1.4 01/09/96 Fixed Starting Entry Number Entry, did wierd things before.
1.1.3 01/03/96 Limited file selection to files of only the correct size (Tried animating IO.SYS, didn't work for some reason.)
1.1.2 01/03/96 Switched animation from simple delay to a timer (Too fast on Pentium.)
1.1.1 12/30/95 Animation display now centered, and rescaled from 320 x 400 to a size closer to the actual startup screen.
1.1.0 12/28/95 Added the ability to preview the animation (A major step forward, but it could be much better. Currently uses a TEMP file.)
1.0.0 12/26/95 Original Test Version, the real reason was the ability to reverse the palette. (One of my more complicated logos ran backwards.), thought about doing it in Delphi, but delphi won't handle long filenames yet (still 16 bit)

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